Wednesday, 22 February 2017

a bit of a catch up

Well, I may not have been blogging, but I have kept up with the stitching and am now moving through my second moon phase, past the last quarter, delving down into the dark again. This feels appropriate as I lost a much loved Aunt two weeks ago; readers of my other blog will have met Cecil. She would have been 92 next birthday and was one of my inspirations to start stitching. We shared interests in gardening and stitchy things, and when she was still active in the WI I always envied her trips to Denman College for stitching tuition.

So here is the current state of my year of stitching project

Lots of different stitches

Dark and light keeping pretty much in balance

Watching what everyone else is posting via the Facebook group is a real pleasure; there is just so much variety there. Also little snippets of people's lives and thoughts as they comment on what they are stitching and why.

Beautiful that we can unite in such a lovely occupation in the face of all that the world throws at us.

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