Saturday, 25 February 2017

a change of colour and a new moon

Did I mention in the plan that, as well as stitching by the phases of the moon, I am also going to change some of the colours I am using according to the seasons? No? I thought not. I'm hoping this isn't going to be one "rule" too many in this project, but we are moving into Spring now, so yesterday I drew off a series of greens going from darks to lights. 

Half of my selection of threads will continue the same throughout the year, relecting the turning from dark to light of the moon, but the rest will change. I am thinking reds, browns and golds during Autumn, they seem appropriate, but am still puzzling about summer; perhaps shades of purple? What do you think? It could be yellow for the summer sunshine, but it's hard to go really dark with yellow, unless I use the Autumn colours. So, some thinking to do while I enjoy a lovely range of warm and cool greens as spring progresses and the earth begins to give of her bounty.

Here's where I am

And here's where the Moon is


  1. Very special that the colours will change with the season ;-)

    1. hoping it works AND that I have enough room left - it seems to be filling up a bit already and there's summer and autumn still to come :-O