Sunday, 16 April 2017

I year of choosing threads

How you choose your threads?

We had this discussion at Studio11 recently. Several of us are following, and stitching for, the 2017 project and so had a brief discussion at our lunchtime gathering about choosing threads to stitch with.

You can see from some of the beautiful posts in the Facebook group that a huge variety of threads are being used as designs evolve. That suggests, and we also found in our discussson, that some of us are planning carefully, some following a pattern perhaps, with colours laid out at the start, some are plucking randomly from a bag of thread, pre selected for colour, or not preselected at all, allowing chance to choose and going with that. 

I have a plan, which allows for seasonal colour change within a foundation of static shades. As these shades also change with the moon's lightness or darkness, I have to have some kind of order or I'd lose the plot completely

Here is my palette in its current incarnation. I've got to Spring green with my seasonal colours; Winter was blue - only two cycles so far of blue - I'm saving the final winter blue until November; Summer will be warm red and gold; Autumn will be rust and cool purple.

Here are my little symbols for the new moon and first quater ; the pinholes are my record of using that colour, the numbers are the number of days after the new moon. This is from some days ago - I;ve not reached the first quarter here, and full moon is now past.

I still don't know how I'm going to fit all these in! I suspect I'll find myself filling in the spaces with ever denser stitching - I want to do this all on one hoop .....

....... and then I took a break for over a week, being stricken with toothache, but I'm catching up slowly now, back on the light side but still eight days adrift

Filling in with more Spring green, 


  1. So lovely to see it all close up, Kat !!!

    (ha, would even be better if I could touch it ...)

    1. touch is very important isn't it - I can't resist touching plants and flowers if I'm going round a garden - you can touch things there, unlike many textile exhibitions where touching is prohibited, and yet, you want to so very much!!